We are adventurers, and travelers in love with nature, trying to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Therefore, we are most thankful to live amidst such beautiful unspoilt nature on the sunny side of the Alps, near Triglav National Park and below Mt Triglav, our highest mountain in Slovenia. We often travel around the world and have visited the Himalayas, Russia three times - climbing Elbrus, Africa - climbing Kilimanjaro and the mountains of Patagonia. We've also explored a considerable part of Europe; however, above all, we like to explore and discover new corners of our beautiful Slovenia and will be happy to show it to you as our guests.

Liza is also a mountain guide and tourist guide and a winter ski instructor, so if you need any of these services, we shall be most happy to offer them to you. We can also arrange transfers from and to Bled airport, excursions around Bled, hiking, trekking or even climbing on our Mt Triglav.

You are definitely warmly welcomed in Bled in our humble but charming studio Sergio in Bled - see you soon!